The International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA) is an annual event in which high school students from around the world solve theoretical, analytical and observational problems in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics.

The 6th IOAA will be held in the State of Rio de Janeiro, in the beginning of August, 2012. 

We expect to welcome participants from all over the world, specially new teams from Latin America, due to the proximity to Brazil.

Come back to this site to check our updates soon!

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Para mais informações sobre as atividades públicas promovidas pela IOAA, acesse este link.
Para mais informações sobre a doação dos telescópios e o curso de formação de professores para o uso dos mesmos, acesse este link.

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Absolute Winner Lithuania Motiejus Valiunas Gold Medal Lithuania Motiejus Valiunas Czech Republic Stanislav Fort Czech Republic Jakub Vosmera India Alankar Kotwal Slovakia Peter Kosec Thailand Nonh Panithanpaisal Poland Filip Ficek China Jianyang Fu China Geng Zhao Singapore Wang Ye Romania Racoreanu Mihai India Sharad Mirani Belarus Roza Navitskaya Romania Catalina-Ana Miritescu Iran Arash Golmohamma Dinaghshe      Slovakia Matus Kulich China Anjun Chu India Sandesh Kalantre South Korea Seungeon Lee Silver Medal South Korea Jegug Ih Bulgaria Konstantin...

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Telescope Training/Treinamento de Telesc…


The IOAA will promote a big training on usage of the telescopes that will be sent to the public schools of Vassouras city and Vale do Café region.This page is...

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Public Activities / Atividades Públicas


Public Activities / Atividades Públicas

The 6th IOAA organization, with Vassouras Town Hall and partners, will promote activities opened to public during the IOAA, in the "Semana da Astronomia de Vassouras" (Vassouras Astronomy Week). It will...

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Telescopes and Calculators


During the IOAA tests, the organization will provide standardized calculators and telescopes, ensuring equal conditions for all students. The equipment description is located below. Calculators The standard calculators that will be used...

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IOAA in the local media. Radio Intervies Thais Mothe in Roquete Pinto Radio (portuguese). {mp3}entrevista-thais-roquetepinto{/mp3} Internet News Portal Fabio Soares VIP - 19/07 Olimpíada Internacional Portal O Globo – 08/05 Rio sediará Olimpíada Internacional de Astronomia e Astrofísica...

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Hints in Rio


Some hints for the teams in Rio. Please, read it carefully. Avoid showing off your camera and money while walking around in Rio Keep passport and most of your money in a...

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Final Registration


The IOAA 2012 registration period is closed.

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