Hints in Rio

Some hints for the teams in Rio. Please, read it carefully.

  • Avoid showing off your camera and money while walking around in Rio
  • Keep passport and most of your money in a safe place;
  • NEVER drink water from the tap;
  • Avoid throwing paper in the toilet.  In most cases this will cause a clogging of the toilet.
  • Use mosquito repellent to avoid getting sick with Dengue Fever;
  • In case you feel sick (fever, headaches, etc, like a cold) NEVER take aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid; contact the organizers and we will instruct you and/or find a doctor;
  • Cariocas (link p/ wikipedia) are friendly, but like in any big city we have robbers.  In case you suffer any robbery, NEVER react.  Just give what they want, and contact the organizers.
  • Students: will always be accompanied by their guides.
  • Leaders: we recommend to tell someone (from organization or even friends/colleagues) where you are going to, and the expected time of your return.